Airtel introduces Rs 198 pack to offer 1GB data per day, counters Vodafone’s Rs 199 plan

Bharti Airtel announces a new plan for its prepaid users at Rs 198. Under the new plan, the telecom operator is offering 1GB of 3G and 4G data to its users every day and comes with a validity of 28 days. This new plan by Airtel is said to directly counter Vodafone’s newly announced Rs 199 plan. Let’s take a look at who’s offering a better plan — Airtel or Vodafone?

Coming to the Airtel’s plan first, which comes at a price of Rs 198. Under this new plan, Airtel is offering 1GB of data to its users per day for a valid time period of 28 days. However, it is noteworthy that the new Rs 198 plan doesn’t offer any voice calling facility — which is supposedly one of the major thumbs down factor about the plan. Meanwhile, Airtel is also offering Rs 199 plan, which makes much more sense than its new plan. Airtel’s Rs 199 offers 1GB of data along with unlimited calls to any network for 28 days.

Note: Airtel hasn’t yet official announced the Rs 198 plan. According to TelecomTalk – who was the first one to report about the plan, this new plan by Airtel – for the time being – is  available only for select customers. Going by the report, as of now, this plan is available for Airtel prepaid numbers registered in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh circle. This plan was found listed under the best recharges category on MyAirtel app.

Airtel’s Rs 198 plan directly counters Vodafone’s newly introduced Rs 199 plan. Under the Rs 199 pack, Vodafone offers both voice calls and data facilities. It offers 1GB of data. But then, the 1GB of data comes with the validity of 28 days. Additionally, the Rs 199 Vodafone plan also provides unlimited calls, but then, not literally. It comes with a lot of limitations.

By unlimited calls, we often mean that we will be able to make as many calls for as long as possible to any network. But, that’s not happening is this case of the new Vodafone plan as it comes with a lot of limitations. Under the new plan, Vodafone prepaid users will be able to make unlimited calls for only 250 minutes in a day — both local and STD and to any network, while the weekly limitation is 1000 minutes.

In that case, what happens if you make more than 250 min calls in a day? In that case, Vodafone will charge 30 paise per minute call. There’s another limitation. If you make calls to more than 300 unique numbers in a week, Vodafone will charge you 30 paise per minute for the remaining validity. Alongside the data and call offers, this plan also offers free subscription to Vodafone Play to the customers.


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