Buy an iPhone X with Jio – iPhone monthly plan and get 70% Buyback after 12 months

Reliance Jio is offering 70 per cent Buyback offer on Apple iPhone X. The latest iPhone can be pre-ordered at Rs 1,999 from Reliance Retail Limited Store,, MyJio app or Amazon to avail Jio’s Buyback offer which will be valid from September 29 to December 31. People will get an additional cash back if they shop using Citi credit and world debit cards.

Reliance Jio’s Buyback offer gives users 70 per cent of the MRP of iPhone X as buyback amount on return of the new phone after 12 months of a year. People will have to recharge with Rs 799 or higher Jio tariff in order to be eligible for the offer. Reliance Jio’s Buyback offer can be availed for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as well. Users will have to recharge with the same amount or more to get 70 per cent of the MRP back after a year.

Upon buying the iPhone X, users will have to enroll for the Buyback Offer by downloading MyJio app on it and following said steps. Reliance Jio says that iPhone X must be returned in “a fully functional” or working condition without any damage along with its gift box and all the accessories that came with the device. The valid phone will be identified by using the IMEI provided by Apple to Reliance Retail Limited for Buyback offer. Reliance Jio’s terms and conditions page explicitly mentions that “RRL would not be liable for buyback of any icloud locked phones, physically or functionally damaged, etc., normal wear & tear excluded”.


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