Samsung Galaxy S9 could have even less bezel than the Galaxy S8

Thanks to a 90% screen-to-body ratio

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is almost all screen on the front, but there is a bit of bezel above and below it, however that might be almost entirely eliminated on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

A tipster has told SamMobile that there could be a 90% screen-to-body ratio on the Galaxy S9, up from around 84% on the Galaxy S8.

That extra 6% screen will apparently mean that the bottom bezel is almost non-existent, while the top bezel will be narrower than the Galaxy S8’s bottom bezel.

It could also mean that the Galaxy S9 could either fit a larger screen in the same size body or the same size screen in a smaller body.

Catching up with Apple

It’s a move that makes sense, especially given that Apple’s iPhone X has almost no bezel, though it sounds like Samsung’s approach will be different, with a tiny sliver running right across the display, rather than a notch jutting out.

However, while it’s a believable claim it also comes from an unknown source, so we’d take it with a hefty helping of salt.

We should know a lot more about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and its design soon though, as rumors suggest it could be teased in January and leaks are sure to start building in number before then.


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